Florida Bar Exam

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Florida Board of Bar Examiners
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Bar Exam Format

The Florida bar exam consists of two parts: Part A and Part B.

Part A

Part A is given on the Tuesday of the bar exam, and consists of a combination of essay and multiple choice questions. One, three-hour session in the morning is allowed to answer the three essay questions and one, three-hour session in the afternoon is allowed for one hundred multiple choice questions.

Part B

Part B, which is given on the Wednesday of the bar exam, is the Multistate Bar Exam (“MBE”) offered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Two, three-hour sessions, each consisting of one hundred multiple choice questions, are allowed for the MBE.


Florida has no reciprocity with any other state.


The Florida bar exam subjects that may be tested are different for each section of the exam.  Part A of the exam is drafted by the Florida examiners and tests Florida law.  It is comprised of six segments.  One segment addresses Florida Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure and the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration.  The other five segments, each of which addresses no more than three subjects, are selected from the following subjects, including their equitable aspects:

  • Florida Constitutional Law;
  • Federal Constitutional Law;
  • Trusts;
  • Business Entities;
  • Real Property;
  • Evidence;
  • Torts;
  • Wills & Administration of Estates;
  • Criminal Law, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, and Juvenile Delinquency;
  • Contracts;
  • Articles 3 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code;
  • Family Law and Dependency;
  • Chapters 4 & 5 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar; and
  • Professionalism.

Bar Exam Dates

The Florida bar exam is held in February and July. The exam is usually on the last Wednesday and prior Tuesday of each month.


  • February 27-28, 2024
  • July 30-31, 2024

Exam Results

Exam results are mailed to the examinees by the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. They are also posted by number (not name) on the Florida Supreme Court website. The tentative date for release of the results is announced at the bar exam. However, results are often released in mid-April for the February bar exam, and mid-September for the July bar exam.


An average scaled score of 136 or higher must be earned on Parts A and B. If an examinee only takes one part of the exam, then a score of 136 or higher must be achieved on that part.  The scores for Part A and Part B carry equal weight.

Pass Rate/Stats

The pass rate varies each exam. The overall pass rate averages approximately 75%. The pass rate for first-time examinees is approximately 80%. The pass rate for repeat takers is lower and generally ranges from 20% to 40%.